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Workers Compensation Insurance 

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1. Scudder Seguin, PLLC
Scudder Seguin, PLLC, is a law firm in Raleigh and we have experienced Attorney’s team that help the workers who got seriously injured during a job or workplace.

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3. DontLookAtMe
Dont Stand So Close to Me

4. Workers Compensation Refunds
Apex Services is a workers compensation premium recovery firm that obtains workers compensation refunds for employers nationwide.

5. Gray, Smith and Commander
Workers' compensation specialists.

6. Global Risk Management Consultants, Inc.
Assists companies in reducing Workers' Compensation insurance premiums, having classification codes revised, and correcting inaccurate experience ratings.

7. Compensation Commissioner of South Africa
Compensation for occupational injuries and diseases.

8. Workers Compensation Audit Specialisits
Analyze audits for premium overcharges.

9. One Call Medical
Specializes in servicing the workers' compensation industry by providing scheduling service, prompt and accurate medical reports, and customized management and cost savings reports.

10. Workers' Compensation Services, Inc.
Independent review company specializing in recovering previous workers' compensation overcharges and reducing current premium costs.
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Workers Compensation Attorney Profile:

Meet Colorado Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury and Insurance Dispute Attorney R. Mack Babcock

R. Mack Babcock Prior to founding The Babcock Law Firm, LLC, R. Mack Babcock spent many years on the other side of workers' compensation , car accidents, personal injury and insurance disputes representing some of the largest insurance companies and corporations in Colorado as an attorney at a midsize insurance defense firm.

Babcock is a member of the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association and the Workers' Compensation Educational Association.  In early 2008, he was elected as the Colorado House District 43 Committee Chairperson for the Douglas County Colorado Democratic Party. In connection with this position, he is responsible for finding a candidate(s) to run for House District 43, overseeing the campaign(s), organizing volunteers, and also sits on the executive committee for the Douglas County Democratic Party.